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Simulated Reality Blurred story from June 3, 2012

Welcome to the Survivor 25 - Caramoan WikiEdit

Fanfic and simulation of Survivor 25 - Caramoan developed by work from various posters at

The fanfic and simulation represents an idealized Survivor 25 season, filmed May - July 2012 on the Caramoan Peninsula, Philippines. The location, game design, edgic, twists, idol rules, season themes and branding and casting reflect ideas from numerous posters at on what such a season ought to look like. The cast is drawns from actual people who submitted videos to CBS via the Sears application contest. In doing so these people put their videos into the public domain and signed releases acknowledging that their videos would be subjected to public comment. That said, once the character is created it becomes a fictional account of how they might have participated had they been selected for a season of Survivor.

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Google map of the north coast of the Caramoan and Bagieng Island.

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